Nissan R90CK |

Nissan R90CK n.27 - JSPC - 1991

Drivers: Volker Weidler & Akihiko Nakaya.

Official selling date: October the 4th

Same body of the Nissan Tenora.
Photoetched added to the tail, to make the car similar to the real one.


The Nissan R90CK is a sports prototype car made by Nissan Motor Co. to compete in the Japanese JSPC national championship and the 1990 World Sportscar Championship. The R90CK is a development of the R89C, with technical and aerodynamic refinements that further improved performance. The chassis, a carbon and kevlar monocoque, was powered by a new Nissan V8 engine that delivered 1,100 HP. The following year, Nissan decided to officially abandon the World Sportscar Championship due to the substantial changes to which the technical regulation had been subjected, merely competing in the Japanese championship, but continuing in any case to technically upgrade its cars.


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