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Le Mans 2001 - Audi R8 #4

In year 2000 Audi launched the R8 LMP model, a car destined to be dominant on all endurance race tracks for several years. For its Le Mans debut, Joest Racing entered the works cars from Ingolstadt in the LMP P 900 class. Competitors consisted mainly of works teams from Cadillac, Panoz Motorsports and Pescarolo Sport, as well as some other private LMP entries.

In year 2001, Audi delivered the previous year’s works R8s to private teams. One of such teams was Johansson Motorsport, a partnership between Stefan Johansson — formerly Audi and Ferrari works driver — and Team Arena Motorsport.

The race was won by the works Audi cars. This model in the classic Gulf colors was driven by Stefan Johansson, Patrick Lemarié and Tom Coronel.


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